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Detective Conan Movie 22 teaser : What’s coming next?

Recently, we shared many videos about M22 teaser. But, what are we waiting for exactly?

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2017 May Anime Episodes Schedule

A full mounth of Anime Originals and 1 Remastered episode ! 😢

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Magic Kaito Chapter 34 (Spoiler pics)

Magic Kaito is back Mina-san (皆さん) ! Here are some spoilers…

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Detective Conan Fie 993 (Official Japanese Edition)

Find the full file here!

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Detective Conan File 993 (Spoiler pics)

Some late spoilers cane out this morning… and yes it’s confirmed : Detective Conan will be replaced by Magic Kaito for 6 issues (6 weeks if there are no breaks)!

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Super Digest Book 90+ (Scans and Translations)

The following translation was made by Startold from DCTP! For your hard work we say “Thank you”!

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[Rumors/Unconfirmed] Detective Conan manga will stop?

The following informations are totally unconfirmed! We don’t take any responsibility of it!

Chinese communities are a little bit upset, why? Rumors say that Shounen Sunday will stop publishing Detective Conan manga for a while! Here’s the details…

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