Chinese Communities rumors say Amuro and Akai will appear in the Movie 21! Is it true?

In a special meeting with producer of Movie 21 “Muchihiko Suwa”, he said that 《Detective Conan Episode ONE and Detective Conan The Darkest Nightmare had a very big financial returns, which is good. But for this year, as you saw, Aoyama-sensei wrote in his draw (poster) “Wait for me… I’ll protect you even if it will cost my life!” … And as you can see, a new character will appear.
She (Momiji) appeared in Vol.91, she will have an heroic entry and will surprise everyone! Please wait for it! 》

To translate this, “New Movie” becomes “Next one“… So when you translate “Amuro”, “Ran”, “Kazuha” and “Akai” ‘s part, it becomes unclear if he is talking about Movie 21 or 22…

Here we get a possibility :
Akai and Amuro will appear in Movie 21 just because they are popular and the movie will get more financial returns.

But, to be honest, sources say there is no Akai and no Amuro in the script!

So we’ll stay up-to-date if there are any news about this!