Today was a special day for some Jap fans… Today, some of them had chance to assist to the preview session of movie 21! Here are some spoilers about it! (Please be careful while reading!)

  • Heiji’s father (Heizo Hattori) VA changed : It’s “Kazuhiro Yamaji” now!
  • Detective Boys are here, and of course Agasa’s bad puzzles too!
  • Sonoko will appear : she’s sick!
  • Conan will face the criminal by himself!
  • Momiji will take the lead in the first half of the movie!
  • Heiji/Kazuha moment will come!
  • The end of the movie is a little bit hard for Kazuha! (Some Tweets said that one of the guests couldn’t handle it! She quit the room)
  • Shinichi will physically not appear, but we will have a Shinichi/Ran moment!
  • Movie 22 trailer : Tokyo police… similar to movie 18… should wait for it until April 15!

Here are some pictures from Shogakukan bulding :