Detective Conan Guide Book is an introduction to Movie 21, it contains some informations not only about the movie, but also about the manga itself. Here is what we can find on social media!

The guide book was published on April 5, you still can order it here :

Aya (あや😊) shared this picture on Twitter, it’s from the guide book saying that file 1000 will include Shinichi and Ran, plus Heiji and Momiji! Aoyama-sensei says that he is planing a big event and it’ll be a Comedy/Romance!

This is the full paragraph

Aoyama said also that Momiji is like Sonoko from East! There are other spoilers about file 1000 being happened in Fukui, but we can’t say it’s true since nothing was confirmed!

In this part, Aoyama confirms : he draws 6 scenes from Movie 21, including Momiji/Heiji’s first meeting, Momiji/Kazuha’s first meeting!

This account share another part, Kazuha and Sonoko’s appearance in file 1000 is confirmed too!