The following informations are totally unconfirmed! We don’t take any responsibility of it!

Chinese communities are a little bit upset, why? Rumors say that Shounen Sunday will stop publishing Detective Conan manga for a while! Here’s the details…

@Hp_Amuro : 《The post owner says that it’s not a break for the author! Actually it’s a celebration! Cause as you know, Aoyama-sensei’s works break records (sales over Two hundred million copies only in Japan). 》

Shounen Sunday isn’t planning to STOP Aoyama-sensei’s work, because it’s Magic Kaito’s time! The manga will be back and replace Conan for a while! We don’t know
how long, but after the next Double issue #22 & #23, Kid will take the lead.

That may explain why there are no spoilers this week !


Sad news for DC fans, and obviously, we should wait more than just few weeks for file 1000! Until there, we’re waiting for confirmation!