Recently, we shared many videos about M22 teaser. But, what are we waiting for exactly?

The teaser at the end of the film tells us that the film 22 will be about Bourbon and –maybe– his past. As you can see in the previous videos we shared on our Facebook and Twitter page, we can clearly hear Furuya’s voice saying “Zero!“, his childhood nickname. This is a confirmation for one of our previous post.

The leaked videos came out with 3 versions : 2 videos with sound offset due copyrights from sources, and a 3rd HD one from Korean blog.

Let’s go further with the video : we see a satellite view of Japan, at night, in the background. Plus a countdown from 5 to 0, with an electronic font. Then we hear the ZERO, with Amuro’s voice. Everything turns black, then the release date appear (April 2018) …

From M22 teaser leaked video!

The countdown, electronic numbers font and the lights shutdown is a reference to a BOMB. So now we can guess that movie 22 is about a bomb, bombing case, attack, terrorist attack (maybe)… Lights shutdown can refer to a station power supply. 

From a first look at the video we can say that movie 22 :

  • Will be about a bombing case
  • Featuring Amuro-san (probably as Rei Furuya)

It’s a little bit too early to confirm anything about movie 22. We’re waiting for more sources. So what about you DC fans? What are your thoughts on Movie 22? Are you excited for it?